Remix by PJM25595

An extended version of the 50th Anniversary #SaveTheDay trailer!
(Also on their channel is a remake of the original, shorter track)

A song I wrote and recorded about 11’s journey with Amy Pond :) Hope you’ll like it!! :)


An accurate and highly-researched guide to the basic Doctor Who theme for anyone who wants to make their own arrangement. Under construction, it currently only features info on, except the bare bones Ron Grainer composition, the original Delia Derbyshire realisation and arrangement of it from 1963. More is stated to be added in the future, though.

An Adventure In Space and Time Soundtrack
by Edmund Butt

Release Date: 3rd March

Raggedy Man, Goodnight
Murray Gold
Mixed by Capt. B Cooper
The Time of the Doctor (2013)

Tracks include:

  1. Trenzalore
  2. Infinite Potential
  3. My Husband’s Home
  4. Unreleased music which underscore’s Peter Capaldi’s entrance

All but the last can be found on the Series 7 soundtrack

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi, I've searched quite a bit for this music, come up blank, and happened to stumble across this gem of a site. The music plays when the Doctor tells the Daleks he has really good aim with a teleport in Asylum of the Daleks. It also plays in The Time of the Doctor, when Tasha is voicing over "For this was the winter of the doctor". The part I'm really interested in is where the Silents are behind the Doctor, and he's swinging his walking stick. Thanks in advance! :) Answer

It’s the second half of Remember Me from the Series 7 soundtrack :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHey, do you perchance know the music played when the 10th Doctor marries Queen Elizabeth I in The Day of the Doctor? I'm doing my coursework on the Doctor Who soundtrack, and you would help me immensely if you could give me a name. Thanks! Answer

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I assume you mean this? It’s a variation of The Doctor Foreverwhich began in Series 3. 

Another thing, that music is actually stock music for The Shakespeare Code, there’s a much more extended version of that music. I’m afraid I can’t find an isolated version of the music on YouTube, but it’s this bit. It’s a good example of when Murray Gold writes music to suit the period that the Doctor is visiting. I guess another example of this is in the Girl in the Fireplace.

Good luck with your coursework, do let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :)

New Regeneration Cycle
Murray Gold
Mixed by DoctorWhoInfinity
The Time of the Doctor (2013)

This piece has a few call backs to other themes - obviously the Gallifrey theme in the beginning, but also The Doctor’s Theme Series 4 (which we then heard again in The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHello, do you know what the song is called when Clara is on screen, or whenever she is on, there's this tune and I was just wondering what it was called, it was in the time of the doctor but I think it's nearly on everytime she's focused on. Thanks heaps :) Answer

Uhhhh, I’m afraid that’s not really too much to go on for me to know which particular piece you’re referring to, so I’m guessing you just mean Clara’s Theme? It’s called Clara? on the Series 7 soundtrack, but here theme is rearranged quite a lot on the programme, and lots of the arrangements haven’t been released officially yet. Sucks. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDo you know what track was playing in The Day of the Doctor when the doctor falls out of the TARDIS at the beginning? Answer

Uhhh, there are sort of two tracks which spring to mind. There’s this original composition from Murray Gold which might be the one you’re of, but also The Majestic Tale (of a Mad Man With A Box) from the Series 6 soundtrack :)

Ok, full disclosure.

I’m not used to this amount of questions! I’m working at it, it just might take me a while to get to yours. I’m not ignoring you, I’m sorry!

But thanks for being so interested. It’s cool to know I’m not the only one that’s obsessed with the music of Doctor Who.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI was re-watching series 1 and I realised I couldn't find the music from Ep12 'Bad Wolf' when The Doctor says no to the Daleks and they ask him to explain himself. Unless I've missed it on the soundtrack or another CD? Answer

Umm, I believe it’s titled I’m Coming To Get You on the Series 1 soundtrack. It should be this one!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi there. I have been desperately trawling the internet to discover which song plays in the Day of the Doctor, right at the end, when the War Doctor regenerates. I have been told that there were barely any new compositions for the special, so I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. Thanks! Answer

Hi there, 

Yeah, it’s A Sad Man With A Box, which you’ll find towards the end of the Series 5 soundtrack, or here.

I hope that answers your question!

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi. Just wondering if you know what track is playing on the Series 7 Boxset menu - specifically the Episode Selection menu. Thanks! Answer

Nope, sorry… I don’t have the boxset, and probably won’t in the future. I buy my Doctor Who from the iTunes Store!

QuestionI don't think that'll be Peter's theme. If you remember Matt's first scene, the music we heard in that was never heard again in Matt's series, so perhaps we might get something very different. Answer

To be honest, I think you’re probably right. It’s a cool piece of music, and if it is his new theme it says a lot about his Doctor, but yeah, who knows!